Hannah Lee is a producer, DJ, and sound artist turned sync agent, originally from LA but currently based in Mexico. With 9 years of experience working in all aspects of the music industry – from record labels and radio stations to streaming services, events, tours, and eventually as an artist and DJ – Hannah’s had the opportunity to dip their fingers in all sorts of local and global scenes. The nature of working with independent music is generally an uphill battle, but Hannah’s passion for the music they represent is endless! After working for a successful Latinx indie label and seeing how sync changed the name of the game for a number of artists, they decided to start a sync agency to be able to offer this opportunity to a wide variety of labels and artists that they believe are not getting the attention they deserve. Via FrutFull, Hannah is also working on getting their first music supervisor credit working on an upcoming documentary all about Ecuadorian cumbia cult legend Polibio Mayorga.

Matt Mansfield is a musician, producer, and sound engineer turned label manager and music industry jack of all trades. He maintains a studio in the small city of Clarkston, Georgia, on the outskirts of Atlanta, where he produces music as Piper Street Sound. With over twenty years of recording, mixing, performing, and touring experience as bassist, live dub engineer, and producer; as well as 8 years working in record label management with the pioneering ZZK Records, Mansfield has dug deeply through both newly emerging sounds and the old, obscure, and forgotten. In this process of delving, he has evolved into a creature of instinctive musical creation, and habitual organization. Through the years of Matt’s experience working with, and observing songwriters, musicians, producers, and labels; a common thread emerged: disorganization. The complexity of the structures that make up the music industry became apparent, and the investment of time required to decipher them contrasted with the time available to the independent artists while continuing to create, record, play shows, and promote themselves. Settling into a domestic lifestyle and leaving the live music world after becoming a father in 2012, increasingly understanding and handling the myriad of administrative responsibilities that artists face has become a passion.